About The Therapist - Oswell L. Melton
Oswell holds a BA in Psychology.  He has worked in a number of careers from Juvenile & Family Counseling to Hospitality Management & Investment Banking.Oswell is a graduate of the San Francisco School of Massage, one of the most respected massage schools in California.  He is trained in Swedish, and Deep Tissue Massage and a number of other modalities.  After graduation, he opened his own practice, in San Francisco and now has a successful massage practice in Baja Malibu Lomas, Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico.  Oswell  is also the owner of Premier Massage Therapy in San Diego's Banker's Hill neighborhood
He is skilled in working with individuals seeking relaxation and stress release and also with active people and individuals with pain and injuries.  He seeks to "make space" for the muscles to naturally release and relax. He gives special attention to areas of concern and has a holistic approach to his body work. As a result his body work continues to be fresh and interesting.

Oswell views each massage as a unique experience. The goal can be relaxation, therapeutic, or more commonly, a combination of both.  In all cases, his touch is nurturing, sensitive and intentional. He also believes in empowering his clients to take an active role in the healing process by educating them and offering exercises and stretching options for their problem areas.   Oswell loves what he does and is always 100% alert and present during body work sessions.
"I have been doing therapeutic massage for several years now.  I have worked with over 1000 clients.  98% of my clients have issues and seek therapeutic deep tissue massage.  I have been successful in improving that health of all of my clients.  I view my work as an opportunity to help others enjoy a healthier, happier and more active life."
- Oswell Melton, CMT
Improve your game with regular massage.  Relax tight muscles, increase flexibility and range of motion. Relieve tired, sore muscles, aches and pain. Our massages can address neck, shoulder and back problems as well as legs, knees, feet and more.
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